A Conversation With Leandra Medine Cohen: On Introspection

The racial unrest swept across the fashion industry like a tsunami, blindsiding and swiftly sidelining many, primarily female, executives in its wake. Leandra Medine Cohen founder of the popular fashion and lifestyle website Man Repeller is one such executive who “step(ed) back” from her CEO role, leaving the reigns in the hands of her team, announcing at the time that “the team deserves a chance to show you what Man Repeller can be with me on the sidelines.” Since her announcement in early June, Cohen has remained silent on just what happened to induce her sudden departure until this month with the launch of her newsletter - the first letter announcing her come back.

We invited Leandra to speak to us this episode to discuss the topic of introspection - what that looks like for her, the process that got her to this point and the elements that helped her along this path.

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