A Week in Review - Is This a Moment of True Change in Fashion?

This week has been a mess for fashion.

In the second week after the murder of George Floyd and subsequent civil unrest, brands, companies, influencers, corporations and fashion personalities came out en masse to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. With that, in too many cases, the veil of inclusion, diversity, representation, empathy and transparency that has been carefully curated over the past few years, has been removed to expose fashion's deepest rooted problems: systemic racism, toxic work environments, a general culture of silencing and complicity and co-opting.⠀

On the flip side, the most positive and progressive moves have been made towards the fight for racial equity thus far. More Black people and people of all races are speaking up and speaking out. People are owning their part in this and taking real, meaningful steps to reconcile. People are connecting, mobilizing and strategizing to dismantle the parts of our industry that do not serve all of us. More conversations are being had and connections made, than ever before, between people, brands and organizations who want to put their resources to work. ⠀

We recognized that this is a watershed movement. In this conversation we recap the past week, review our hopes for the future and also discuss the feedback from our trending Business of Fashion Op-Ed: 'Fashion Is Part of The Race Problem'. ⠀

As always, we hope you get involved in this very important conversation and let us know your thoughts, comment, subscribe, rate this episode (*****) and follow us on Instagram @TheConversations.Podcast.⠀

Article reference: ⠀
In this episode Jason reference's Vikram Alexei Kansara's BoF article: 'Luxury's Inequality Problem

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