Veteran Talent Series: A Conversation With Karen Binns

London-based creative director and stylist Karen Binns is also an uncredited historian, muse, and collaborator.  In this 3rd installment of our veteran talent series, the multi-hyphenated fashion original takes us on a bi-continental journey from New York nightlife and the downtown art scene, to the indie workspaces of Europe’s visionary and up and coming talents.  Names from Jean Michel Basquait and Warhol to Andre walker, Bianca Saunders and Wizkid pepper Binns’ resume but it’s her role as creative director to style queen Tori Amos for over 25 years that's arguably secured her place in the canon of style architects.  But why is so little known about this creative maverick? Listen up on why Karen Binns just might be the Viola Davis of fashion.


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