Veteran Talent Series: A Conversation With Susie Lau

Susie Lau’s Style Bubble blog is one of the pioneering voices in the digital fashion space. Since 2006, the fashion journalist has remained a fixture on the global scene seemingly effortlessly adjusting roles from post collegiate digital marketer to blogging to commissioning editor at Dazed to independently publishing Style Bubble (pre-dating the social media space with a number of brand collaborations and special projects: Gap, Google and Selfridges) to emerging as one of today’s most visible influencers. 

In this episode, in addition to discussing Lau’s evolving profile over nearly two decades in the industry, we also dive into how for some her personal cutting edge style conflicted with a strong command of the written word, when was she afraid to pivot, journalism vs influencing, and the state of Asian influence in fashion. And with a degree in history, why her sights are firmly steered ahead, not looking in the rear view mirror to what this industry once was.

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