Veteran Talent Series: A Conversation With Natasha Slater

PR and nightlife entrepreneur Natasha Slater is best known for producing Punks Wear Prada (PWP), the iconic weekly club night (that, along with Marcelo Burlon’s Pink is Punk), helped to define the early-mid aughts Milanese fashion party scene. Under the PWP umbrella, Slater drew on her British hipsters and international influencer network to collaborate with top-shelf brands, including Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, to kick-off fashion week events, promote product launches and to generally bring the cult of cool to these Italian fashion houses.  

But as much as this era was marked by celebration and fabulosity, this period was also rife with abuse of power, substance abuse, and toxic work culture. In this episode of our veteran talent series, Slater (who is five years sober as a result of this chaotic and painful period) joins Jason to discuss how it was for an outspoken English single mother to navigate the strong patriarchy in Italian culture, her complicity in promoting toxicity in the workplace, how she weathered the controversy of being called out and what life looks like now that her priorities are different.

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