What Can We Expect From a Fashion Reset? Pt. 1

In the last week, a cross-section of globally placed designers got together to mandate a reset of the fashion system. Most agree on a post-Covid shift to in-season retail—essentially syncing deliveries and the global fashion weeks to natural weather patterns—to better reflect modern consumers‘ shopping habits. Change to the rampant mid-season, deep discounting is the other top priority for designers including Dries Van Noten, Alyx, Tory Burch and Altuzarra who agree is an industry killing culture. Other operating model changes from de-gendering fashion weeks, lessening the demand for travel and other belt tightening reforms also emerged from these resetting conversations. But for an industry that speaks to coalition and collaboration more than it actually acts on it, is this yet another one of fashion’s smokes and mirrors, hollow talk of a community? Or now that its clear the system is truly broken, is it now that we need “our community” to fix it? In this episode we discuss what a fashion reset may actually look like. 


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